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Babe and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure (2 reviews)
Back to the Divide
Back Yard Angel
Bacon And Beans From a Gold Pan
Bad Girl Blues
Bad Kitty
Bailey School Kids: Big Foot Doesn't Square Dance
Bandit's Moon
Baseball Saved Us
Basher Five-Two (3 reviews)
Bat in the Waiting Room
Bathtime for Biscuit
Bats at the Library
Battle of the Labyrinth
Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days (2 reviews)
Bears on Wheels
Beauty and the Beast
Because of Winn Dixie (15 reviews)
Because of Winn-Dixie (16 reviews)
Becoming Naomi Leon (2 reviews)
Bedhead (4 reviews)
Bedtime Stories
Beetles, Lightly Toasted
Beezus and Ramona (3 reviews)
Behind the Bedroom Wall (2 reviews)
Behind Enemy Lines
Bella Arabella
Ben's Dream (3 reviews)
Best Friends (3 reviews)
Best Friends Forever?
Betsy - Tacy
BFG (8 reviews)
Big Al (2 reviews)
Big Anthony and the Magic Ring
Big Max
Big Nate Strikes Again (2 reviews)
Big Nate: On a Roll
Big Nate:In Class By Himself (3 reviews)
Big Red (2 reviews)
Bing Bang Boing
Black Beauty (4 reviews)
Black Cauldron
Blackhearts and Battersea
Blackwater Creek
Blast To The Past: Washington's War
Blister (2 reviews)
Blizzard of the Blue Moon (2 reviews)
Bloomability (2 reviews)
Blue Bay Mystery
Blue Beetle
Blue Willow
Boat Ride with Lillian Two Blossom
Bone, Eyes Of The Storm
Bone, The Great Cow Race
Bone, Out from Boneville
Bone, Rock Jaw Master of the Eastern Border
Bony Legs
Book One: The Contest
Boxcar Children - The Mystery of the Missing Cat
Boxcar Children - Mystery of Surprise Island (2 reviews)
Boxcar Children Black Widow Spider Mystery
Boxcar Children-Mountain Top Mystery
Boys Against Girls
Boys Are Dogs
Bozo the Clone
Bravo Max
Breaking Dawn
Brian's Winter (2 reviews)
Bridge to Terabithia (4 reviews)
Brodeur Beyond the Crease
Broken Hearts
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky
Bruce Coville's Book of Spine Tinglers: Tales to Make you Shiver
Bud, Not Buddy (9 reviews)
Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt
Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow
Bunnicula Strikes Again (2 reviews)
Bunnicula (6 reviews)
Burnt Toast on Davenport Street
Buster Cat Goes Out
Buster Makes the Grade
By the Great Horn Spoon (2 reviews)