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“I get the feeling that it is run by caring people who love reading and who want children to love reading, too.”

Ms. Valerie White Kindergarten Teacher, Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, Barcelona, Spain

“My first graders became enthusiastic writers and artists once they saw reviews online... This was an excellent way to integrate reading, writing, art and technology. The SBC also gave us the opportunity to go beyond our classroom and share with others around the world (we hope)... I hope and will work to see that writing book reviews for the SBC becomes a yearly part of my first grade curriculum.”

Rodney Fulton - 1st grade teacher, Northside Elementary, Rogers, Arkansas

“The Spaghetti Book Club provided my class with a rare opportunity to publish their writing for a real audience. My students are beaming with pride about having their work on line, and the staff at Spaghetti Book Club made the process incredibly easy for me by developing such user friendly on line forms. Thank You Spaghetti Book Club!”

Kim Probst - 5th Grade Teacher, Jefferson Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

“I feel excited that I'm on the Internet and I feel like a movie star being on the Internet. I emailed my cousin Cole and his mouth dropped opened when he saw that I was on the Internet.”

Bradley - 2nd Grade Ms. Mayer's Class, Hillside Elementary School, Closter, NJ

“I used this program with some of my students who are struggling readers. They were thrilled to see their review and felt honored that other students were reading their writing and then reading the books that they had suggested. It was a real self-esteem boost for some kids who aren't normally recognized for their reading ability.”

Mrs. Johnson - EMES Reading Club, East Montpelier Elementary School, Vermont

“The experience has been fully engaging for the kids, and lots of fun for them. It was not at all difficult for me to work your review criteria into a teaching rubric for the class, and to apply appropriate reading and writing standards to the work. You made it easy!”

Margaret Scaglione - 5th Grade Teacher, School 16, Yonkers, NY

“We think that this book club is fabulous! It means a lot to Sasha to see her review online, and to know that she is reaching other children her age.”

Sasha's Mom - A parent from the Manhattan, New School, New York, New York

“It feels exciting to know that your book review is on the Internet. Almost EVERYONE uses the Internet. So a lot of people will be reading them.”

Amanda - 2nd grade Mrs. Mayer's Class, Hillside Elementary School, Closter, NJ

"What is unusual about the project is that students really engage excitedly in the process of writing and revision. Even in the after-school hours, nearly all the participants observed were actively engaged in revising and improving reviews they'd already begun."

"The Organization of Learning in Community Technology Centers: Learning with Technologies in Six Communities, SRI International

“The Spaghetti Book Club is unlike any other literacy or technology project I've done. It was a hit with my students, and one of the best uses of internet technology I've come across. The lessons were well planned, easy to use, and best of all, already a key part of my curriculum. Thank you! : )”

Mrs. Murphy - Kindergarten Teacher, Handy Elementary School, Orange, California