University of San Diego - Reading Strategies Course

San Diego, CA, US

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Mrs. Craig's Kindergarten through 6th Grade Class
Ms. Dominguez's Class
Mrs. Gill's Class


Mrs. Abram's Class
Mrs. Barrera's Class
Mrs. Burns' 1st Grade Class
Mrs. Cermak's Class
Miss Honzell's 1st Grade Class
Mrs. Martin's Class
Mrs. Patterson's Class
Mrs. Pettitt's Kindergarten Class
Ms. Pickett's Class
Mrs. Porter's Class
Mrs. Woo's Class


Miss Ashley-Rupp's Kindergarten Class
Ms. Brubaker's Kindergarten Class
Ms. Elez's Class
Mr. Leipsic's Class
Mrs. Welch's Reading Club's Kindergarten Class


Janine's Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Class
Colleen's Class
Mr. Riesberg's Kindergarten through 6th Grade Class
Mrs. Ryan's Class
Tanja's Class
Mrs. Tomasello's 2nd Grade Class
Mrs. Wentz's Class


Mrs. Horan's Class
Ms. Huerta's Class
Mrs. Linzay's Class
Raelynne's Class
Corinne's Class
Mrs. Weber's Class
Ms. Whitten's 4th Grade Class


Miss B.'s Class
Ms. Coleman's Class
Mrs. DaSilva's Class
Mrs. Dunnaway's Class
Mrs. F.'s Class
Mrs. Jantzen's Class
Mrs. Larson's 3rd Grade Class
Mrs. Miscione's Class
Ms. Moore's Class
Mrs. Rittikaidachar's Class
Mrs. Seversike's Class
Miss Evie's Class
Mrs. Smith's Class


Mrs. Anderson's 2nd Grade Class
Kathy's Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Bruso's Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Gosselin's 1st Grade Class
Ms. Guzman's 1st Grade Class
Mrs. Pedone's Class
Ms. Snow's Class
Ms. To's Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Weissman's Class


Mrs. Forte's Class
Mrs. Mulay's Class
Mrs. Paulson's Class
Ms. Ramos-Edsall's Class
Mrs. Sohn's Class