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Kalan, Robert Rain
Kalkipsakis, Thalia Sister Spirit
Kallen, Stuart Collies
Kalman, Bobbie Life Cycle of a Spider
Kalman, Bobby Earthworm: The Life Cycle
Kalman, Bobby Sea Otters
Kalman, Bobby What Is A Bat?
Kalschke, Judy Flicka - Untamed Spirit
Kamish, Daniel and David The Night the Scary Beasties Popped Out of My Head
Kanah, Katharine The Best Seat in Second Grade
Kann, Victoria and Elizabeth Pinkalicious
Kann, Victoria and Elizabeth Purplicious
Kann, Victoria and Elizabeth Silverlicious
Karas, Brian 7X9=Trouble!
Karas, Brian I know an Old Lady
Karlin, Nurit The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat
Karlins, Mark Music Over Manhattan
Kasza, Keiko The Wolf's Chicken Stew
Kasza, Kieko My Lucky Day
Kasza, Kieko The Wolf's Chicken Stew
Kathleen Urmston, Karen Evans and Sammy Gets A Ride
Katschke, Judy Buzz and the Bubble Planet
Katschke, Judy The Case of the Dog Camp Mystery
Katschke, Judy Shore Thing the Diaries of Mary-Kate and Ashley
Katschke, Judy Tarzan Goes Bananas
Katz, Alan I'm Still Here in the Bathtub: Brand New Silly Dilly Songs
Katz, Alan Take Me Out of the Bathtub and other Silly Dilly Songs
Kaufman, Lola Rein The Hidden Girl
Kaufmann, John Flying Reptiles
Kaufmann, John Sea Animals
Kay, Elizabeth Back to the Divide
Kay, Elizabeth The Divide
Kaye, Marilyn Replica: The Fever
Keams, Geri Blizzard of the Blue Moon
Keams, Geri Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun
Keane, Dave Joe Sherlock and The Missing Monkey Eye Diamond
Keane, Glen Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master
Keats, Ezra Jack Apt. 3
Keats, Ezra Jack John Henry
Keats, Ezra Jack Pet Show!
Keats, Ezra Jack The Snowy Day
Keats, Ezra Jack Whistle for Willie
Keene, Carolyn The Bike Race Mystery
Keene, Carolyn Captive Witness
Keene, Carolyn The Clue of the Leaning Chimney
Keene, Carolyn The Crook Who Took The Book
Keene, Carolyn Hanna's Secret
Keene, Carolyn The Hidden Staircase
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew - Scream for Ice Cream
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew TimeThief
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew- Thanksgiving Thief
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew and The Clue Crew: The Zoo Crew
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew and the Crystal Dove
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew The Clue in the Diary
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks, The Ice Cream Scoop
Keene, Carolyn The Nancy Drew Notebooks: Candy is Dandy
Keene, Carolyn The Nancy Drew Notebooks: The Dashing Dog Mystery
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks: Dollhouse Mystery
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks: Flower Power
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks: The Puppy Problem
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Notebooks: The Soccer Shoe Clue
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Without a Trace
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew: The clue of the old stagecoach
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew: The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase
Keene, Carolyn The Ringmaster's Secret
Keene, Carolyn The Search for the Silver Persian
Keene, Carolyn The Secret of the Old Clock
Keene, Carolyn The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Keene, Carolyn Thanksgiving Thief (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew)
Kehoe, Tim The Unusual Mind of Vincent Shadow
Kehret, Peg Escaping the Giant Wave
Kehret, Peg Shelter Dogs Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays
Kehret, Peg Spy Cat
Kehret, Peg Stolen Children
Kehret, Peg The Stranger Next Door
Kehret, Peg Trapped
Keith, Harrold Rifles for Watie
Keller, Holly A Bed Full of Cats
Keller, Holly Geraldine's Big Snow
Keller, Laurie Arnie the Doughnut
Keller, Laurie Open Wide
Keller, Laurie The Scrambled States of America
Kelley, K.C. Let's Go Fishing
Kellogg, Steven Best Friends
Kellogg, Steven Chicken Little
Kellogg, Steven The Mysterious Tadpole
Kellogg, Steven The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten
Kellogg, Steven Paul Bunyan
Kellogg, Steven A Rose for Pinkerton
Kellogg, Steven Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett
Kelly, Andrew Coco's Bell
Kelly, Bennett Arbor Day
Kelly, David A. Ballpark Mysteries the L.A. Dodgers
Kelly, David A. Ballpark Mysteries: The Rangers Rustlers
Kelly, David A. The Fenway Foul-Up
Kelly, Jack Benjamin Franklin
Kelly, Jack Great Illustrated Classics: Dracula
Kelly, Jamie Dear Dumb Diary, Its Not My Fault I Know Everything
Kelly, Katy Melonhead

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