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Authors Title
Haas, Jessie Birthday Pony
Haas, Jessie Scamper and the Horse Show
Haddix, Margaret Among the Hidden
Haddix, Margaret Moon Mouse
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Among the Impostors
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Double Identity
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Found: The Missing
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Running Out of Time
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Sent
Haddix, Margaret Peterson Turnabout
Haddix, Margret Among the Enemy
Hague, Michael The Perfect Present
Hahn, Chanda Unenchanted
Hahn, Mary Downing All the Lovely Bad Ones
Hahn, Mary Downing Deep and Dark and Dangerous
Hahn, Mary Downing The Doll in the Garden
Hahn, Mary Downing Following the Mystery Man
Hahn, Mary Downing Promises to the Dead
Hahn, Mary Downing Time for Andrew
Hahn, Mary Downing Wait Till Helen Comes
Hakes Noble, Trinka The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate The Wash
Hale, Bruce The Hamster of the Baskerville
Hale, Mary Mary Had a Little Lamb
Hale, Shannon Princess Academy
Hale, Shannon The Princess in Black
Hale, Shannon Real Friends
Halfman, Janet Canada Goose at Cattail Lane
Hall, Donald Ox-Cart Man
Hall, Kirsten A Bad, Bad Day
Hall, Lynn Barry the Bravest Saint Bernard
Hall, Lynn The Mystery of the Phantom Pony
Hall, Lynn A Rainbow of Friends
Hall, Nancy Christensen Mouse at Night
Halse Anderson, Laurie Fever 1793
Halse Anderson, Laurie Speak
Hamilton, John Jackie Robinson
Hamilton, Tisha Fairy Topia
Hamilton, Virginia Anthony Burns
Hamilton, Virginia M. C. Higgins the Great
Hamilton, Virginia Zeely
Hamlett, John Pigtails and Inkwells
Hanlon, Abby Dory and the Real True Friend
Hanlon, Abby Dory Fantasmagory
Hannigan, Kate Cupcake Cousins
Hapka, Catherine Curious George's Dinosaur Discovery
Hapka, Catherine Dolphin School
Hapka, Catherine High School Musical "Wildcat Spirit"
Hapka, Cathy Bionicle Tale of the Toa
Hapka, Cathy How Not to Babysit Your Brother
Harel, Nina La escuela de Maria
Hargreaves, Roger Curious George Gets a Medal
Hargreaves, Roger Little Miss Giggles
Hargreaves, Roger Mr Silly
Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Lazy
Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Nonsense
Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Rush
Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Strong
Hargreaves, Roger Mr. Topsy-Turvy
Hariton, Anca The Butterfly Story
Harkrader, Lisa The Adventures of Beanboy
Harley, Bill Sitting Down to Eat
Harlow, Joan Joshua's Song
Harlow, Joan Shadows on the Sea
Harlow, Joan Star in the Storm
Harlow, Joan Thunder from the Sea
Harman, Amanda Nature's Children: Scorpions
Harness, Cheryl Ghosts of the Civil War
Harness, Cheryl Three Young Pilgrims
Harper, Charise The Invisible Mistakecase
Harper, Isabelle My Dog Rosie
Harper, Jessica Nora's Room
Harrington, Jane Lucy's Completely Cool and Totaly True E-Journal
Harris, Mark-Wayne The Action Files
Harris, Richard Owlbert
Harris, Richard The Sun and Other Stars
Harris, Wayne Judy and the Volcano
Harrison, David Wake Up, Sun!
Harrison, Paul Attack of The Giant Hamster
Hart, Alison Danger at the Wild West Show
Hart, Alison Rescue: A Police Story
Hart, Alison A Spy on the Home Front
Hart, George Ancient Egypt
Hartman, Wendy The Dinosaurs are Back and It's All Your Fault Edward!
Harvey, Jayne Great-Uncle Dracula
Harwitz, Johanna Nora and Mrs. Mind-Your-Own-Business
Hautzig, Deborah Happy Birthday Little Witch
Hautzig, Deborah Happy Mother's Day!
Hautzig, Deborah Little Witch Goes to School
Hautzig, Deborah The Nutcracker Ballet
Hawes, Judy Fireflies in the Night
Hawk, Tony Tony Hawk
Hayes, Geoffrey The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost
Hayward, Linda A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
Hayward, Linda A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
Haywood, Carolyn Summer Fun
Hazen, Barbara Shook That Toad is Mine!
Hazen, Barbara Shook Tight Times
Healy, Christopher The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
Hearne, Betsy Wishes kisses and pigs
Hearne, Betsy Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs

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