Young Cam Jansen and the Pizza Shop Mystery

Written by David A. Adler
Illustrated by Susanna Natti

Reviewed by Olivia G. (age 7)

Olivia Review Illustration.jpeg

Do you like eating pizza or do you hate pizza? Whether or not you like pizza, you will like this book! Cam Jansen is going to a pizza shop. It is a mall, a big and crowded mall. Cam spotted a pizza shop. Mr. Jansen said, “Let’s eat!” In the pizza shop, it is noisy. The man in front of the pizza shop said, “Hi, I am Mel.” Cam, Eric and Mr. Jansen went in the pizza shop. Mr. Jansen told Cam and Eric to find a seat and he will wait on the line. Cam and Eric walked to the back of the shop. They saw a brother and sister not being nice to each other. “Dana! Dana!” an old woman called out. “There is an empty table,” Cam said. Cam put her jacket over the chair. I will tell my dad where we are sitting,” Cam said. Cam went to her dad. Eric went too. Cam’s dad asked, “What do you want to drink?” Cam said, “Apple juice.” Eric said, “I want apple juice too.” Cam said, “I thought you were watching the table.” Cam and Eric went to the back of the pizza shop. “Oh no! Where is Cam’s jacket???” Read the book to find out if Cam finds her jacket with her amazing memory.

This book reminds me of all pizza books because this book is about Cam, Eric and Mr. Jansen eating pizza. My favorite part was when Eric snuck up on Cam and said, “I want apple juice too.” I like that part because maybe Eric scared Cam and sometimes scaring is silly. I love the drawings because they looked a little bit real. I think I would change the ending to make it more my style. I love the lesson it tells you to never stop trying just like when Cam looked and looked and looked and looked and looked and looked. This book is AMAZING because Cam is a very cool person. Having a good memory allows Cam to solve mysteries.

If you like mysteries, you might like this book because Cam solves a lot of mysteries. I think everyone should read this book because it is cool and amazing. If you are a person who likes problem solving, this is a book for you. All the books in this series have problem solving.

Olivia G. is a student in Pam and Carly's Class