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Authors Title
Falconer, Ian Olivia and the Missing Toy
Falconer, Ian Olivia Helps with Christmas
Falconer, Ian Olivia Saves the Circus
Falconer, Ian Olivia
Falconer, Ian Snow White in New York
Falken, L.C. Sweet Dreams
Fances, Marian Christmas Santa Almost Missed
Fang, Katherine Legendary Pokémon: The Essential Guide – Sinnoh Edition
Farber, E.S. Fish Finelli: Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles
Farber, Erica Critters of the Night
Farley, Christopher John Aaliyah More Than a Woman
Farley, Terri The Phantom Stallion - Wild One
Farley, Walter The Black Stallion
Farmer, Nancy The House of the Scorpion
Farmer, Nancy Sea of Trolls
Farrell, Sally The Dragon's Coming After You
Farshley, Greg Island of Doom
Farshtey, Greg The Challenge of Samukai
Farshtey, Greg LEGO Ninjago #8: Destiny of Doom
Farshtey, Greg Rise of the Serpentine
Farshtey, Greg WEb of the Visorak (Bionicle Adventures, No. 7)
Faulkner, Keith Funny Farm
Faulkner, Keith My New Neighbors
Fearnley, Jan Mr. Wolf's Pancakes
Fehnler, Paul No Way!
Feifer, Jules The Man in the Ceiling
Feiffer, Jules Bark, George
Feiffer, Jules I Lost My Bear
Feinstein, John Cover Up
Feinstein, John Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery
Felice, Cynthia Weasel
Fenner, Carol Snowed in with Grandmother Silk!
Ferber, Brenda Jemma Hartman, Camper Extraordinaire
Ferris, Aimee Girl Overboard
Ferris, Jean Once Upon a Marigold
Fidler, Kathleen The Boy with the Bronze Axe
Fiedler, Lisa Mary Kate & Ashley and the Case of the Cheerleading Camp Mystery
Fields, Rachel The Kid's Big Mistake
Figueroa, Acton I Am Spider-Man
Fincher, Judy Testing Miss.Malarkey
Fino, Roberto Video Game
Fisher, Aileen Always Wondering
Fisher, Suzanne The Green Dog
Fitzgerald, John The Great Brain
Flack, Marjorie Ask Mr. Bear
Flack, Marjorie Ping
Flack, Marjorie The Story About Ping
Flanagan, Alice Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett
Flanagan, Jack Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Garlan
Fleischman, Paul Weslandia
Fleischman, Paul Westlandia
Fleischman, Sid Bandit's Moon
Fleischman, Sid By the Great Horn Spoon
Fleischman, Sid Escape! : The Story of the Great Houdini
Fleischman, Sid The Whipping Boy
Fleming, Denise Alphabet under Construction
Fleming, Denise In the Small, Small Pond
Fletcher, Ralph Flying Solo
Fletcher, Ralph Tommy Trouble and the Magic Marble
Fletcher, Steffi Tom and Jerry's Party
Fletcher, Susan Flight of the Dragon
Fletcher, Susan The Sign of the Dove
Florian, Douglas Bing Bang Boing
Fontes, Justine and Ron The Great Pumpkin Strikes Again
Foran, Eileen The Wonder of Bald Eagles
Forbes, Ester Johnny Tremain
Foreman, Michael Surprise! Surprise!
Foresman authors, Scott Go Away, Spot from Read with Dick and Jane
Forester, Victoria The Boy Who Knew Everything
Forester, Victoria The Girl Who Could Fly
Fosburgh, Liza Bella Arabella
Fowler, Allan The Earth is Mostly Ocean
Fowler, Allan Horses, Horses, Horses
Fox, Mem Feathers and Fools
Fox, Mem Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!
Fox, Mem Hattie and the Fox
Fox, Mem Koala Lou
Fox, Mem Night Noises
Fox, Mem Possum Magic
Fox, Mem Shoes From Grandpa
Fox, Mem Sophie
Fox, Mem Time For Bed
Fox, Mem Tough Boris
Fox, Mem Whoever You Are
Franco, Betsy Fresh Fall Leaves
Frank, Anne Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
Frank, Anne The Diary of Anne Frank
Fransis, Guy The Amazing Incredible Sulk
Fraser Mickle, Shelly Barbaro
Frasier, Debra Miss Alaineus
Frasier, Debra On the Day You Were Born
Frederick, Heather Vogel The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed
Freedman, Deborah Carl and the Meaning of Life
Freeman, Don Corduroy
Freeman, Don Dandelion
Freeman, Don Fly High Fly Low
Freeman, Don A Pocket for Corduroy
Freeman, Don Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do You Hear?
Freeman, Don Rainbow of My Own
Freeman, Martha Fourth Grade Weirdo

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