1 Possum Come a-Knocking

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Possum Come a-Knocking

Written by Nancy Van Laan

Illustrated by George Both

Reviewed by Jose V. (age 8)

Possum Come a-Knocking

The book was all about a weird little possum who keeps knocking at a funny family's door. There are many people and pets in this family and they are all doing lots of crazy and interesting things. But there is a problem when the family tries to find out who is knocking at their door.

I liked the book very much, because the pictures were very funny to look at. The illustrator made the art so fun to look at that I couldn't stop looking at all the silly characters. The words were fun to read too.

I really think every kid who reads this book will like it because the words and pictures are so funny. I think adults would like also, because it just makes you laugh out loud.