1 The Bad Beginning

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The Bad Beginning

Written by Lemony Snicket

Illustrated by Brett Helquist

Reviewed by Samantha W. (age 9)

The Bad Beginning

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny were at the beach one day, and saw Mr. Poe, one of their parent's friends. He said, "I am very sorry, but your parents have been killed in a fire. I will get you a new home as soon as I can." They stayed at the Poe's house for awhile. Then Mr. Poe finally found them a new home with Count Olaf. Count Olaf was TERRIBLE! All they got to do was chores, like fixing windows and chopping wood. One night they had to cook dinner. Count Olaf was angry that they didn't make him roast beef. he held Sunny up high. Klaus tried to get Sunny down. he did but then he got struck across the face. One day Count Olaf asked if they wanted to be in a play about a bride and a groom that get married. He said, "Violet, will be my bride and you two will be in the audience for the play." They said "OK". Klaus was suspicious. He stayed up all night reading about the law and then found out that it was a trick. Count Olaf was after the Baudelaire fortune. Will this book have a happy ending? Will they stop Count Olaf? If you want to find out what happens at the play, you will have to read the book "The Bad Beginning".

I think this book is great because they have to read the law, rescue Sunny, and they have to find out what Count Olaf is up to. My favorite part is at the end. There are illustrations at the beginning of every chapter. They are black and white, but they describe what will happen in that chapter. It makes me sad because they have to live with a horrible person, but it makes me happy that the kids can do amazing things. It shows how wonderful and bad life can be.

I recommend this book for all ages. I think it is great, but it has sad parts. Someone who likes happy and sad mixed together would probably like this book.