1 A Friend for Dragon

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A Friend for Dragon

Written by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by J.K. (age 5)

A Friend for Dragon

Dragon was bored. Then he asked the squirrel, hippo and the crocodile if they would be his friend. They said no. Then he found an apple to be his friend. The snake came and laughed. The dragon loved the apple. He made the apple warm and gave it food, but the apple didn't eat. The dragon ate the food for him. They slept but the apple wouldn't wake up. They went to the doctor and the walrus ate the apple. Dragon went home. It was raining. He planted an apple tree. It grew bigger. An apple fell down and Dragon had a friend again.

I liked the book because the Dragon was funny. He didn't know what the apple was. The Dragon's face looks weird. I thought it was funny that the apple didn't eat breakfast. I liked the way Dragon took care of the apple. The Dragon was happy at the end because he had a lot of friends.

I think my friends and family would like this book. It is funny. My mom would like it because she likes sunflowers and there are pictures of sunflowers and because the Dragon is really, really funny.

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Kuechle.)