1 Wish Upon a Sleepover

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Wish Upon a Sleepover

Written by Suzanne Selfors

Reviewed by Nikita S. (age 10)

Wish Upon a Sleepover

Do you like fantasy books? A girl named Lelani dreams of being friends with the popular girls in her class the Hailey's. They named their group the Hailey's because all their names are Hailey spelt differently. Lelani was planning to make a sleepover so they would notice her, but her grandma sent the do NOT invite list. What will happen at Lelani's sleepover?

In my opinion I really like this book. My favorite part was when Lelani realized that all the (weird kids) were going through something that's why they acted weird. I think the book is unique because lots of books have books and this one does too. I think the ending is more heart touching than any other book I've read. There usually isn't a sad part in other books but in this book all the main characters have a mental breakdown. This is why I very much like this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about fictional character's life because this book is about Lalani's life. This book has 212 pages and is very interesting so you should read