1 The Littles Scary Halloween

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The Littles Scary Halloween

Written by John Peterson

Reviewed by Kelly F. (age 10)

The Littles Scary Halloween

Do you like pranks? Do you like stories about kids that pull pranks on their parents? The book, The Littles and the Scary Halloween is a great story about two kids that like pranks. Tom and Lucy always try to outdo themselves every year as they try to scare their parents. This year they think they have come up with the best prank yet! Would you like to know what they did? Then, go and get this book to find out what happens.

The Littles and the Scary Halloween is a great story about two kids named Tom and Lucy who try to scare their parents every year on Halloween with a spooky trick. My favorite character is Lucy because she is very mischievous as the younger sister of Tom and always seems to get herself in trouble. My little brother reminds me of Lucy because he always manages to get himself into trouble just like Lucy. This book is part of a series and every book is fantastic! I feel like these stories take me to other places and it is fun to read what happens at the end. I hope you get a chance to meet The Littles!!

I recommend this book. It is a great story about Halloween with twists and turns in the plot. Lucy and Tom are great characters who figure out things together. They make a great team. This book would be great for 7-10 year old kids who like mysteries and pranks! There are 32 exciting pages to read! You should read this book today!!