1 The Zack Files: Just Add Water and Scream

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The Zack Files: Just Add Water and Scream

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Alec T. (age 8)

The Zack Files: Just Add Water and Scream

In Just Add Water and Scream by Dan Greenburg and illustrated by Jack. E Davis, Zack is having a weird day. In the beginning, Zack and Spencer are at the museum and they see something in the gift shop. It is alien spores. They read the directions on the package and it only says add water, so they buy it. When they get home, they add water and it grows to the size of a beach ball. It looks like it is going to explode! Then it starts talking and it says we need food or we’ll eat you or use you as coffee tables and stuff. Then it starts eating everything. Zack’s dad comes home and he thinks Zack and Spencer are cooking because there is stuff everywhere. Zack’s dad wonders what is going on, and when Zack says alien spores he doesn’t believe him. Then, the alien spores start talking to Zack’s dad and then he freaks out. Then Spencer calls the bugbusters who are people who kill weird bugs and other stuff. So when the bugbusters come, they go in the kitchen where the aliens are, but if you want to know what happens next you should read the book.

Just Add Water and Scream is a really good book. One reason is the pictures are really cool. One example is when the bugbusters come into Zack’s house. There are so many details on them and they look really cool. Also, I think the book is funny. One reason why is when Zack’s dad comes in the house he thinks Zack and Spencer are cooking. There is stuff all over the place in the kitchen but it was the alien spores. Zack told him what it was but he did not believe him until the alien spores ordered him. Then he freaked out. Also I like how it shows their feelings in the pictures. For example, when the alien spores start to talk, you could tell Zack and Spencer are scared.

I would recommend this book to people who like science fiction. One reason why is in the story there are aliens spores that are eating everything. Also, there are people who are in suits that look like they are robots and they kill weird bugs and other stuff. You should really get this book! IT’S GREAT!