1 The Zack Files: Just Add Water and Scream

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The Zack Files: Just Add Water and Scream

Written by Dan Greenburg

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Lily R. (age 8)

The Zack Files: Just Add Water and Scream

In Just Add Water and SCREAM by Dan Greenburg, Zack and Spencer buy food and the food was aliens. In the beginning, Zack and Spencer went to a museum and the owners asked if they liked the museum. They said yes but they didn’t like it. Also, since they said they liked the museum, they had to buy something, so they bought food. In the middle, Zack and Spencer TRIED to eat the food…but…when they add water to the spores, they turned into MONSTERS. They tried to stop them but they couldn’t. In the end, they called the bugbusters, but was it too late?

Just Add Water and SCREAM is a wonderful book. It was weird when they bought food and it was aliens. In the story, they had to buy some stuff because they lied. They bought some food and when they added water the food turned into aliens. I like when the aliens went into Zack’s computer. In the middle, when Zack and Spencer add water the aliens spread all over the kitchen and Zack’s computer and it was opened. It was funny when they TRIED to eat the food. In the story, Zack and Spencer TRIED to eat the food they bought… but, it looked like soap and tasted like soap.

I would recommend this to first, second, third, and fourth graders. The story teaches kids no matter how hard you try, keep trying. It also teaches kids to never give up even if you’re scared. The story teaches kids to be kind, helpful, and a good friend. Read the book to see if Zack gets rid of the aliens.