1 The World According to Humphrey

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The World According to Humphrey

Written by Betty Birney

Reviewed by Quentin M. (age 9)

The World According to Humphrey

In the beginning of The World According to Humphrey, Humphrey the hamster is adopted by a person named Ms. Mac. Ms. Mac takes Humphrey to a school to have Humphrey as a classroom pet in his home room, room 26. There are many students there who Humphrey soon becomes friends with. Ms. Mac one day leaves and will not take Humphrey with her. “You belong here,” she says. As a replacement for Ms. Mac, Mrs. Brisbane comes. She’s mean to Humphrey and doesn’t even take him home! She just leaves him in the classroom in the dark. And along the way Humphrey’s friends get problems! Garth is now mean and Sayeh won’t speak up! Can Humphrey solve his friends’ problems and earn Mrs. Brisbane’s trust? Or is he doomed to forever be in a classroom that has a mean teacher and friends with big problems? Read to find out!

The World According to Humphrey is a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT book! In my opinion, The World According to Humphrey gives readers a connection to when they were at school or still are! I also think the book is very funny! Humphrey put a cloth over himself and every kid in the class laughed! I think the characters are very interesting too! The book is about a hamster who goes on adventures and solves problems. Another character is A.J., who is very noisy and loud!

I would recommend this book to adventure seekers and animal lovers because it is a book about a hamster who goes out of his cage and explores and also solves problems, but it can lead to trouble though, BIG-BIG-BIG trouble! There is also a dog named Clem who tries to eat Humphrey! EEEEEK!!! But Humphrey protects himself by shooting rubber bands at Clem! If this is the book for you, get it today at a nearby library or book store.