1 Trouble According to Humphrey

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Trouble According to Humphrey

Written by Betty G. Birney

Reviewed by John S. (age 9)

Trouble According to Humphrey

In Trouble According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney, Golden Miranda gets in trouble when she’s blamed for Humphrey getting out of his cage on her watch. Next, Humphrey gets banned from the classroom when Mrs. Payne claims he got her kids sick. Humphrey solves everyone’s but Miranda’s problems and feels like a rat. Will Mrs. Brisbane prove to Mrs. Payne that she’s wrong, and will Humphrey save Miranda? Read to find out.

Trouble According to Humphrey is an amazing book!!! I like how most of the book is from an animal’s point of view. For example, they usually show feelings, like when Humphrey was about to fall in Lake Patel they showed him scared. Also, all of the problems are very realistic. For example, when Paul and Art were friends, then they weren’t. Lastly, all of the kids have clever nicknames. Some of the nicknames are, Pay Attention Art and Repeat It Please Richie.

I would recommend this book to kids in grades 2-3 who like adventure. For example, there is an adventure for Humphrey almost every day. Also, the adventure keeps you on the edge of your seat to see if Humphrey gets caught. Lastly, the adventures are very thrilling. If you want to see if Humphrey saves Miranda, get it now.