1 The World According to Humphrey

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The World According to Humphrey

Written by Betty Birney

Reviewed by Celeste K. (age 8)

The World According to Humphrey

In the World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney, Humphrey is disliked by Mrs. Brisbane. In the beginning, Ms. Mac leaves Humphrey when Mrs. Brisbane starts teaching the class. Mrs. Brisbane doesn’t like Humphrey and wants to get rid of him. Meanwhile, every weekend Humphrey goes home with each of his classmates. Humphrey uses that time to solve his classmate’s problems. For example, he gets Sayeh to speak up during class. He even helps Mrs. Brisbane’s husband be happy again! In the end, Mrs. Brisbane decides-… get the book to find out!

The World According to Humphrey is a really good book. I like the main character, Humphrey. He is funny, friendly, kind, caring, and hard-working. I like the problems Humphrey faces. In the story, Humphrey needs to help make his friend’s family speak English. I like the ways Humphrey solves his friend’s problems. For example, Humphrey squeaks every time his friend’s family gets their English correct.

I would recommend this book to elementary school students who like hamsters. The main character is a hamster. There are a lot of problems Humphrey’s classmates face in elementary school that kids in real life can face. If you think that you like this book, GET IT RIGHT NOW!!!