1 Big Nate Out Loud

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Big Nate Out Loud

Written by Lincoln Peirce

Reviewed by Jacob Z. (age 7)

Big Nate Out Loud

Big Nate Out Loud is a cool graphic novel. Nate is the main character in Big Nate Out Loud. Nate loves a girl at his school. The girl loves a different boy at his school. Read to find out if Nate gets the girl.

I love this book! My favorite part is when Nate plays the drums. It reminded me of when I got a drum set. I like Nate because he gets a lot of detentions. There is a boy that is mean to Nate. It makes the book funny to see what happens between the boys.

I recommend this book to people that like music and people that like drums. I think kids in grades three and up will like the book. Read this book to see what kind of trouble Nate gets in.