1 Mr. Tucket

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Mr. Tucket

Written by Gary Paulsen

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Matthew T. (age 10)

Mr. Tucket

How would you like to read a serious book called Mr.Tucket by Gary Paulsen? It was an Iowa Children’s Choice award winner. It’s about a fourteen year old, Francis Tucket. It is an enthusiastic tale that I strongly recommend. You should read this book, because I liked and there’s a lot of action in this book.

Francis and his family are on the Oregon Trail. It is Francis birthday. Francis gets lost while shooting his rifle. Francis tries to get back to his family. Francis is captured by a weird woman. Along the way a one armed mountain man, Mr. Grimes, finds him and sets him free. Mr. Grimes gives Francis a black mare, so he can ride and try to get back to his family.

A few days later Mr. Grimes and Francis go to Spot Johnnie. Spot Johnnie and Mr. Grime are really good friends. “Figured you were always pretty much of a loaner Mr.Grimes,” Spot Johnnie said when he met up with Francis and Mr. Grimes together. The theme of the story is listen to your leader, because if you don’t you could mess up or get lost.

I strongly recommend you read this book, because of all the action, fighting, and shooting. Also I loved this book because, I learned a lot from this book. I learned how Mr. Grimes taught Francis how to aim and shoot. My favorite part in the book was when Francis met Mr. Grimes. Francis and Mr. Grimes made this book very cool and interesting, because they created a lot of the action. During the book, Francis changed into Mr. Tucket, because he began acting more mature. I think if you like fiction books you would like this book, because it’s a fun action book that could have happened in the past. I feel that this book is a good book that anyone would like. I think that you would like Mr. Tucket and Mr. Grimes because they are both very nice. I believe you would love this book. I strongly recommend you read this book. Anybody from age 8 up. This book I honestly loved.