1 The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963

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The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963

Written by Christopher Curtis

Reviewed by Hannah B. (age 10)

Do you ever like books that are funny or sad, or you just can’t put down? Well, this is that book! The Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963, there are some bullies throughout the book. One of the bully’s name is Byron, also known as “Daddy Cool”. Now Byron is mean and does seem to hurt people, but he is a loyal big brother. He shows his loyalty, this also shows his bully qualities, by always pounding people’s heads in, if they are mean to his family... so don’t be mean to his family!

Joetta also known as Joey is a cute little girl who loves her family. She is adorable and very loving to her family. She is adorable, because she always wears cute dresses and pigtails. She’s loving, because she always helps her family! Kenny is an outgoing and really smart kid with crazy eyes (says Byron). Kenny is smart, because the teacher he has makes him read to older kids. Mamma has a BIG, now I mean BIG gap between her teeth. This makes her cover her mouth when she laughs. Daddy tries to be funny, but he’s not....! Don’t tell him i said that! He calls the family car, “the brown bomber” and calls people nicknames that are... weird!

Byron causes a lot of trouble in Flint, Michigan. So, if you were wondering where the title comes from here it is...the weird Watsons go to Birmingham, Alabama to visit their grandmother. If you can’t guess it is all because of Byron. Byron caused a lot of trouble in Flint, so they went to dear old Grandma Sand’s. Byron is all “nice” there and well you’ll have to find out what happens by reading the book. One thing that happens is they realize they’re a true FAMILY. Read the book to find out how they discover this together.

This book was good, but it was kind of a long read. So, if you don’t like long books you might struggle a little with this book. It’s funny and a heart-warming story. I strongly suggest that you read this great book if you like to read about family!