1 Mr. Tucket

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Mr. Tucket

Written by Gary Paulsen

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Daniel R. (age 10)

How does a young adult survive on his own? The book that I read was called Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen. In Mr. Tucket, a young boy named Francis learns how to survive on his own, because he was left behind by his family and was captured by the Pawnees.

The characters are Francis, a fourteen year old kid who is very brave. I think Francis shows his bravery by trying to escape from Braid. Jason Grimes who is a very reliable friend to Francis is an important character. I think Jason is reliable, because he told Francis he would help him escape. Jason then helped Francis escape from Braid, like he said he would. Of all the books I have read in my life, Mr. Tucket was the best, because it taught me that I should never give up.

Mr. Tucket took place on the Oregon Trail. It is very dirty and dusty on the Oregon Trail. I think it would be very difficult for me to survive on the Oregon Trail, like Francis was able to survive. Francis learned skills from Jason to survive. An example would be how Jason showed Francis to ride a horse without a saddle.

I loved Mr. Tucket, because it was adventurous and amazing. I would recommend Mr. Tucket to everybody who likes to read, because it has a lot excitement in it and because I love mischief.