1 Mr. Tucket

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Mr. Tucket

Written by Gary Paulsen

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Braden S. (age 11)

Do you like old western books? I do! Mr. Tucket is a delightful tale about a boy who moves to Oregon and goes through a tough time on the way along with many obstacles.

One of those obstacles are him getting captured by Pawnee Indians on his way on the Oregon Trail. His family is on their way to Oregon from Missouri. Mr. Tucket’s real name is Francis Tucket. Francis meets Mr. Grimes who helps him through those tough times by trying to guide him to Oregon and back to his family. Braid is a bad guy that is the Pawnee leader. He’s bad because he hurts people.

During the story, Mr. Grimes lost his left arm fighting Braid. Braid and Mr. Grimes are fighting, because they were mad at each other. Mr. Grimes is my favorite character, because he is so adventures and kind to Francis. This book is not my favorite, but it is up there with my favorites.

During the story you hear Mr. Grimes use these words lot, “Well Mr. Tucket.’’ The reason you hear these words are because Mr. Grimes always says them to Francis. I think he is trying to help him realize he is old enough for these different challenges in his life.

I like this book, because Mr. Grimes always treats Mr. Tucket fairly. I recommend it to kids who like to read about the history of the United States and are between the ages of 9 and 12 years old.