1 Attack of the Baby Godzillas

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Attack of the Baby Godzillas

Written by Dean Devlin

Illustrated by Roland Emmerich

Reviewed by Jose M. (age 10)

Attack of the Baby Godzillas

Have you seen the move Godzilla? If you liked the movie you should read the book. Godzilla lays eggs and when they hatch the world will be destroyed! But if Dr. Nick, Phillipe, and Victor kill the egg, the world will have a better chance of survival. So Dr. Nick, Phillipe and Victor go where Godzilla laid the eggs. They follow the trail from the fish Godzilla brought to the babies for dinner. They quickly find the eggs. All of a sudden the eggs start to hatch. Then Dr. Nick and Phillipe use weapons so they can kill them one by one. Godzilla was left alone with no more babies. Godzilla will someday get his revenge!

I liked the part when Dr. Nick and Phillipe killed all the babies and when the eggs hatched because they have big teeth and they are slimy. I also like when they followed the fish trail and found the baby Godzilla’s because they look like dinosaurs. This book also made me wonder how and when Gozilla will get his revenge. I think it will be very scary when it does happen!

I recommend this book to 3rd and 4th graders because I think you will enjoy the pictures and the story. Also if you like dragons or dinosaurs you will love this book. It is exciting like the Godzilla movies, so if you have seen one, I am sure that you will love this book!