Why "Spaghetti" Book Club?
(How did the Spaghetti Book Club Get its Name?)

People always ask, "Why is the book club called the Spaghetti' Book Club?" or "How did the Spaghetti Book Club get it's name?" Well, here's the story....

The Spaghetti Book Club started when I was teaching 1st grade in a public school in New York City (P.S. 41 in Greenwich Village). My students were writing book reviews as a way for them to write about the books they were reading and share their thoughts and opinions with their families and friends. We published a book of the reviews and called it "A Booklet of Book Reviews by Class 1-213". (Our class was referred to as 1-213 because we were a first grade class in room 213.)

We discussed ways that we could share the book reviews with more people and decided to put the book reviews on the Internet so that family members, friends and kids around the world could read the reviews too. When we put the reviews on the web, the site looked very different from what it looks like now. It was just a page of titles that linked to the reviews. We planned a publishing celebration in the classroom and invited all the students' family members, but we didn't have a name for the web site. The kids suggested names like "Class 1-213's Book Reviews". I thought that was a little plain and ordinary, and suggested that we come up with a more interesting name. I told my students how when I was younger I worked in a kids' clothing store that was called "Peanut Butter"; not "Kids Clothing Store", and everyone knew it was a store for kids. They wanted to think of a fun name like that.

We decided to come up with a list of fun kids' words and vote on which one would be the name. Some of the words they came up with included: ice cream, lollipop, spaghetti, marshmallow, cotton candy, bubble gum and others. I think the reason why the words were all food words was because of my story about the store, Peanut Butter. Well, I'm sure you've figured out the rest. The class voted and Spaghetti got the most votes!

I love to tell this story because the name came from the kids in my class. That was my last year teaching in the classroom (1995-1996); however, I still see many of my former students since I live in near the school, as they do. They are much older now but they always remember that class project and get a kick out knowing that they helped name the site.

We'd love to hear what you think of the name Spaghetti Book Club. Why did you think it was called Spaghetti Book Club before you heard the story? Let us know by emailing us at: staff@spaghettibookclub.org.

--Julie Rosemarin
Founder and Executive Director