1 Franklin Goes to School

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Franklin Goes to School

Written by Paulette Bourgeois

Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Reviewed by Hannah F. (age 8), Robert D. (age 9) & Hayden G. (age 7)

Franklin Goes to School

Once upon a time there was a turtle named Franklin. He was worried about the first day of school. He worried on the bus and he was scared to go to class, but the teacher helped him read and practice money. She helped him learn a lot in school. Franklin got used to school so he liked it. When he went on the bus home, he wasn't scared to ride it. When he got home, he gave his parents pictures that he had painted at school that day. Franklin's parents gave him a fly cake and he was so happy. In the end, Franklin really likes school and isn't afraid anymore.

Our favorite part of the book is when they play cashier at school because it looks like a lot of fun in the picture. We also like that Franklin had fun learning about money and he had fun with Rabbit playing cashier. Goldie is our favorite character because he has a cool home and it looks big in the pictures. This story relates to our lives because we go to school like Franklin and we like learning, too. This book has lots of pictures that help you understand the story. Our favorite picture is when the characters play cashier at school.

We all think that other kids should read this story because it is funny and it talks about how much fun you can have learning at school.