1 A Bad Case of Stripes

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A Bad Case of Stripes

Written by David Shannon

Illustrated by David Shannon

Reviewed by Celeste R. (age 7) & Jessica D. (age 7)

A Bad Case of Stripes

This girl, Camilla, caught a case of stripes and rainbow stripes went all over her body. People wanted to videotape her because they thought it was amazing that a person could catch the stripes, but she didn't want to be videotaped. Do they listen or not? Does she find a way to get rid of her stripes? Find out!

Everyone in the book starts to yell different words. Camilla changes from one thing to another. The kids yell things like, " Let's see some purple polka dots!" and "Checkerboard!" and then it goes on her. She has to stay home from school.

We both like when Camilla goes to school and everybody says things and different color designs go all over her body. It is amazing how the stripes can change to all different designs. We feel that the book is funny when you see four things on her body at once. Jessica feels that the kids like to laugh at Camilla without caring about her feelings. That's the lesson, to really care about the person and not how they look. Celeste likes the illustrations because the illustrator puts so much detail into them. We both like when the specialists come and they try to fix Camilla but they can't. We think this book is funny.

We recommend A Bad Case of Stripes to everybody in the world of all ages because if somebody in your class or school has something that is wrong with them, then you should be nice to them. We think people who have been treating somebody not nicely should read this book so they can understand how Camilla feels when people make her feel bad. If you like funny picture books then this is the book for you because inside the book Camilla looks so funny with all of these weird designs on her. You just have to laugh. Also, if you like rainbows you will like these illustrations because this book has lots of rainbows, designs and colors. The story makes the pictures more funny because they're not all over the place, they are on a little girl named Camilla. Yes, Camilla.

If anything terrible has ever happened to you, you will know how Camilla feels. Even if nothing terrible has ever happened to you, we think you will know how Camilla feels when you read The Bad Case of Stripes.