1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Written by Roald Dahl

Illustrated by Quintin Blake

Reviewed by Ryan D. (age 9)

Hi, my name is Ryan D. and I have just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. It was a fabulous story and was fun to read.

The book is about a boy named Charlie who comes from a very poor family. But Charlie gets a little bit of luck after he finds a dollar bill in the street. Yes, he should've used this dollar to feed his family, but does he? The dollar does something magical and great to him, something you wouldn't believe if I told you!

What does it do to him you're wondering? Well here's a glimpse. The great chocolate maker, Willy Wanka, is opening the doors of his factory for all to see. Well, the lucky 5 that is. The 5 people who find a Golden Ticket in their chocolate bar will get a private tour of the factory. Charlie Bucket is one of the lucky winners! He can't wait to see if all he has heard about the factory is true. This is his dream!! But he's in for more than he expected. Life will never be the same for Charlie.

Read the book to find out all the exciting details. I loved reading this book because it's filled with wall to wall adventure and lots of mouth watering candy! As I read it, I was able to picture myself there, in the factory, eating all the wonderful treats. Dahl style is fun and exciting and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

I recommend this book to readers who like fiction, adventure and most of all, candy. It's not a serious story, but included action, suspense, fun and excitement. What more can you ask for? That is why I loved this book. Bye bye for now!