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Double Fudge

Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Caitlin M. (age 9)

Hi! My name is Caitlin and I just finished a book called Double Fudge by Judy Blume. Wow, was this unique book a treat!

Double Fudge is a comedy and an adventure. Peter Hatcher and his 5 year old brother Fudge, meet up with distant cousins from Hawaii, but this was not planned. The two families met up with each other in Washington, D.C., where the New York City Hatchers have gone so that Fudge, who seems to be obsessed with counting money, can visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. This was an idea his grandma suggested after observing his fascination with $$$. The other Hatcher's (cousins) are a quirky bunch to say the least. Peter isn't happy when the Hatchers invite themselves to Manhattan to stay in his family's tiny apartment. They were squished like sardines! The cousins are a lot to handle and try to take over his life. Can Peter and Fudge handle all this drama or will they explode?

This book is part of a series. People who like Superfudge and Fudge-a-Mania will enjoy the return of seventh-grader Peter Hatcher and his five-year-old brother, Fudge. Each of the books in the series has a different, outrageous, funny plot. I love this book because I felt like I was really in the story and experiencing everything the boys were. I could also relate to their relationship with their cousins. Many of us have annoying family members! It is always fun to read about siblings and their relationships.

This comedy/adventure is for people who like a lot of action and love to laugh. o like reading about sibling relationships. I can't wait to move on to my next Blume book. Happy reading!