1 Hank Zipzer: The Zippity Zinger

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Hank Zipzer: The Zippity Zinger

Written by Henry Winkler

Illustrated by Carol Heyer

Reviewed by Leo T. (age 8)

Hank Zipzer: The Zippity Zinger

Zippity Zinger is about a kid named Hank and one day his two best friends want him to join their baseball team. Hi uncle comes over to help him practice. He grabs his sister’s socks on the way out the door. He does a great job pitching and is asked to pitch at the end of a very important game. But, is it him or his sister’s socks that make him a great pitcher?

This book has a great plot. I like this because it has interesting details of the socks. I also like the detailed description of the crunchy pickles that Hank eats.

I recommend this to people who like or LOVE baseball. Children ages seven to eleven would like this book.