1 A Know-Nothing Birthday

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A Know-Nothing Birthday

Written by Michele Sobel Spirn

Illustrated by R.W. Alley

Reviewed by Anne B. (age 8)

A Know-Nothing Birthday

This is a story of four dumb friends named Boris, Norris, Morris and Doris. Doris is the only girl, and Boris is an old man, because he has white hair, of course! It was Boris’s birthday, but he thought his friends had forgotten. So he sent himself birthday cards. But Norris says, “Gosh! You have a lot of pen pals!. He does everything he can to remind his friends that it’s his birthday, but nothing works! So he tells Norris, “I’m baking a cake”, but Norris hears the wrong thing, so everybody hears the wrong thing! What will happen next? What will they buy him for his birthday? That’s something for you to find out!

I liked A Know Nothing Birthday because it had very funny parts in it. In one part, Boris told Norris, “I’m baking a cake”, but when Norris told Morris, “Boris is baking a cake”, Morris heard, “Boris fell over a rake!” so they pass it on, but everybody hears something different! Once my mom said “I’m going to the store, Make!” but I heard “I’m going to France” and I passed it on until my mom told me what’s really going to happen! Morris, Norris, Boris and Doris remind me of Amelia Bedelia because she always messes things up too.

I think people who mess stuff up should read this book and find people who REALLY mess things up! You should read this book if you want to be a better friend. The Know Nothings are very good friends because they help each other out in a nice way….but a weird way! Once someone’s dog choked on a pizza and I helped get it out…but it was gross!