1 Silverwing

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Written by Kenneth Oppel

Reviewed by Vasundhra S. (age 9)


In the book Silverwing, a newborn bat called Shade takes the reader on an adventure. Not only is Shade the most curious in his colony, he is also the runt. He is so curious he even breaks the animal law. for this he has to pay. On a winter migration south to Hibernculum, Shade gets blown away. The colony thinks her's dead. But he survives. Shade finds a brightwing bat named Marina. She agrees to go with Shade. Both head south to Hibernaculum together. On this long journey Shade meets other bats and finds things amazing in the city. They also come upon two vampire bats. They find a secret in the bands that the humans put on their forearms. Will Shade and Marina make it? Will they be safe? Are the vampire bats dangerous? Will they survive?! Is the secret of the bands true? All your answers are in the book Silverwing.

I think this book is wonderful. Kenneth Oppel explains every detail so clearly, you feel like you're in it! I like this book because it has a good adventure and when you read it you sort of get sucked up into it. It's like you're watching t.v., an amazing movie.

My favorite part was when Marina left to join the other banded bats, but she came back before something terrible happened. This part showed the friendship between them. Marina taught Shade how to hunt in the winter. They needed each other to survive. I felt real good when I read the book. It was so good I didn't notice anything around me. The author really made me wonder what would happen next. It is a very exciting and fun book.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good adventure. I also recommend it to someone with a vivid imagination. The way Kenneth Oppel explains, anyone with a good or okay imagination can picture everything. I recommend this book because I love adventure and animals with a little bit of human abilities. If you like animals and adventure, then read this book.