1 Chester's Way

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Chester's Way

Written by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Desiree D. (age 7)

Chester's Way

This book is about a mouse named Chester and a mouse named Wilson. Chester and Wilson were friends. Then a girl named Lilly shouted, "I'm Lilly! I am the Queen!" Lilly wore band-aids all over her arms and legs to look brave. Lilly talked backwards to herself sometimes so no one would know what she was saying. When Lilly asked Chester and Wilson to play, they said they were busy. When she called them, they disguised their voices and said they weren't home. Then one morning Chester and Wilson wanted toast with jam and peanut butter for breakfast. Lilly said that was boring and told them to try something else. Chester and Wilson loved it. Then they became best friends and did everything together.

I liked the book because it is funny and silly. My favorite part was when Lilly, Wilson, and Chester dressed as the Three Blind Mice for Halloween. When Lilly gave Chester and Wilson nifty disguises for Christmas, I was reminded of my dad buying me a present at Christmas.

I highly recommend this funny book because it is silly and it has pretty colors and nice drawings. I recommend this book to people who like mice and funny books. First and second graders will love this book!