1 Hank The Cowdog - Case of the Halloween Ghost

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Hank The Cowdog - Case of the Halloween Ghost

Written by John R. Erickson

Illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes

Reviewed by Shaiheme W. (age 9)

Hank The Cowdog - Case of the Halloween Ghost

I?ve just read the book Hank the Cowdog and the Case of the Halloween Ghost and you won't believe this, but Hank and Drover go to Slim's house to help him get ready for his big date with Miss Viola on Halloween night. The dogs kept hearing noises and seeing goblins, ghost, and even skeletons. In the end, Miss Viola and Slim made Hank feel silly. If you want to here the rest you'll have to read the book. It?s great.

In the book my favorite part was when Drover hit Black and Jack on the noses and fainted. It is funny because he was acting tough and then he fainted and lost his cover. Embarrassing to all dogs! I would give this book thirty thumbs up. I have read books from this author before. He's hysterical. If you like mysteries that are funny, goofy and crazy, then I'm sure you'll love it. My favorite characters are Hank and Drover. They are a funny couple. I had a similar experience to Hank because my friend saw a spirit, but I didn't believe him. Then I saw a gate open by itself! Who knows?

This book is exciting and interesting. A reader or audience of third grade would enjoy it. People who like to laugh, enjoy mysteries, and wonder what happens next need to snatch this book the next time they go to the library.