1 Camp Creepy Time

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Camp Creepy Time

Written by Gina & Dann Gerson

Illustrated by Gina & Dann Gerson

Reviewed by Colton C. (age 9)

Camp Creepy Time

This story is about a summer camp that really is not a camp at all, but a scam. The camp wants campers so they can be turned into monsters. The characters are Einstein, Roxie, Big Al, Greeley, and Curly. Einstein goes to the camp and by day 9 he and the other campers have left the camp.

At the time of day 4 or 5 all the campers are monsters from werewolves, mummies, to vampires and other monsters. Einstein is the first one gone. His father picks him up at the camp and brings investigators. The investigators figure out that the camp is a laboratory. And everyone there except Einstein are aliens.

My opinion is that the story is a mystery. The book made me feel happy because of all the monsters and the sneaky stuff they are doing. The excitement just pops out. The book has a lot of details. Pictures or no pictures it has the most detail than any other book I have ever read. The book made me think of scary things. For example huge spiders crawling out of the ground, monsters jumping on me and my moms car while driving. My favorite part is when the Glokas attacked because they are so small but do lots of big things and cause lots of trouble. The unique thing is that the story goes like a filing cabinet. Everybody is all happy going to summer camp and then all goes wrong and the kids are monsters and Einstein has to save everybody. At the end everyone is happy again with their family and all the kids are back to normal.