1 Poor Puppy

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Poor Puppy

Written by Elise Broach

Illustrated by David Catrow

Reviewed by Nick J. (age 11)

Poor Puppy

The story about a poor puppy who wants to play with the lady who was watering the car and poor puppy had wanted some water. He also wanted to play with kitty. Also, he wanted to drink water.

I like the book because of the colors it uses and I like the color because it makes me happy and excited. I am excited because they are my favorite colors. I think it is funny how the dog gets in so much trouble and all he wants to do is cool off. I like when he gets in the way of the old lady washing her car. The water goes all over the place.

I recommend this book to all ages of kids. Even my teacher laughed at it. The pictures are good enough to keep anyones attention.