1 In the Dark

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In the Dark

Written by Clare Beaton

Reviewed by Joshua H. (age 7)

In the Dark

Brother Bear and Sister Bear were in the libarary picking out books. Brother Bear wants a mystery book. They went to check the books out. They went back home to read the books they chose from the library. Brother Bear was reading "The Crying Cave" to Sister Bear. Sister Bear got a little scared about the first chapter. Sister Bear wanted Brother Bear to stop reading. Brother Bear was reading too loudly, and Papa Bear said to stop because he was reading his newspaper. And then it was nighttime. Papa and Mama Bear turned off the light. They heard the crickets, owls, and frogs. Sister Bear was scared because she thought the clothes tree was a person. Brother made a "Who-o-o-o-o-o-o-o" noise. Sister Bear called Mama and Papa Bear into her room. Papa Bear tripped over the clothes tree, Mama Bear tripped over Papa Bear, and Sister Bear fell off the bunk bed. Brother Bear turned on the light. Mama and Papa Bear took Sister Bear and told her that there was no such thing as a monster in her room. When Mama and Papa Bear took Sister Bear back into her room, she cried when the lights were turned off. Brother Bear wanted the lights on. In the morning, the Bears were still sleepy. Papa Bear took Sister Bear to the attic, and showed Sister Bear the night light. That meant that Sister Bear could leave the night light on when the other lights were turned off. Sister Bear thought the clock and chairs and scarf were a monster. Then Sister Bear wasn't scared of Brother Bear's stories anymore. And then, Brother Bear couldn't sleep because the night light was on. Then, Sister leaned over her bed and made a scary face at Brother Bear. Brother Bear got scared! Then some scary sounds came into the room and Brother Bear got even more scared.

I liked this book because it was funny. It was funny because when Sister Bear went over her bed and made a face at Brother Bear, Brother Bear was the one who got scared. My favorite part was when Brother Bear was making spooky noises and Papa Bear tripped over the clothes tree, Momma Bear tripped over Papa Bear, and Sister Bear fell out of the bunkbed. I read a chapter book that was scary once, and it was like this book. Sometimes when I'm wearing my Halloween costume and I go home, I think there's a green monster in my bedroom so I know how it feels.

Other people would like this book because some of the parts are funny. When Sister Bear got scared and when people were tripping over each other, this was very funny. I think people of all ages would enjoy this book.