1 Catch A Winner Leaves the Ranch

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Catch A Winner Leaves the Ranch

Written by Pat Eytcheson

Illustrated by Joe Peacoak

Reviewed by Cassandra L. (age 10)

Catch A Winner Leaves the Ranch

This story is about a horse named Catch a Winner. When she is about eight months old these cowboys come and take her away from her mom. Then she becomes a race horse. But one day a little girl named Jill visited the ranch with her family. Jill fell in love and wanted the yearling for her very own. Since Catch a Winner was still in training, that didn?t happen. After several more months, the family returned to the ranch for an auction. Will Jill get her dream horse, or is he only a dream?

I like this book because it is about a little girl who wants a horse named Catch a Winner. When I read the book it made me feel good about myself. I liked this story because it had horses in it. The sad part was when Catch a Winner got taken away from the girl. The end is a great surprise for the little girl named Jill. Jill is happy now.

I think that if you like horses you should read this book. Now, if you are bored all you need to do is go to the library and check this book out.