1 The Goofy, Goony Guy

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The Goofy, Goony Guy

Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Reviewed by Cameron B. (age 7)

The Goofy, Goony Guy

One day there was a new kid at school named Herbert. He was very different from the other kids because everything on him, like his hair, was sticking out. He liked sister and he saved sister from a bull. Then sister saved Herbert. Then they were friends.

I liked the book. The characters, especially the goofy, goony guy, were funny, and I like funny stuff. I like bears, too, and all the characters in the story were bears. The story had a happy ending because Sister and the goofy, goony guy became friends. I like happy endings.

I recommend this book to kids and adults because it is funny, and everybody likes funny stuff. There is a funny guy called the goofy, goony guy, and he is the most important character. I think the part of the story that people will like the best is when that guy was on the girls' side of the playground and started playing games with the girls, he was the only guy over there. It was really funny.