1 The Midnight Mystery

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The Midnight Mystery

Written by Beverly Lewis

Illustrated by Janet Huntington

Reviewed by Erin P. (age 7)

The Midnight Mystery

Dunkum's friends were having a really fun ice cream party and Dunkum's blind cousin, Ellen, came with her guide dog, Honey. At midnight, Dunkum got up for a midnight snack, but when he looked under the table, Honey was not there. That next morning, Dunkum searched everywhere! That afternoon, Dunkum went to Adam's house; when Adam opened the door, Dunkum asked if he knew where Honey was, but Adam said that he did not know. He said, "A bald man was stealing animals and returning them for money and Honey was in the yard." Will they ever find her?

I love the book I am reading because it is a mystery. I love mystery books. This book makes me feel very curious about how they solve the mystery. It is a chapter book and I love chapter books because longer books have more details. This book also makes me feel excited because if I lost a dog, I would probably feel excited about what happened to it.

I would recommend this book to my big brother, Sam. It would be fun for him to read because it is a book about a dog, and he really wants to get a dog. I think other people would like it, too. But I still think Sam would like it mostly because it is really adventurous, and Sam is really adventurous. I think the part Sam would like the best is the part where they find the dog.