1 Little Apple A Book of Thanks

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Little Apple A Book of Thanks

Written by Brigitte Weninger

Reviewed by Tyra C. (age 8)

Little Apple A Book of Thanks

Learning about apples is fun. There was a girl who saw a pretty, smooth apple. She talked about the colors of the apples and described them. She talked about how there is a star inside of the apple, and it has some "pips". If you plant them, they will wake up a few years later grow into an apple tree.

I like this book because it is exciting. It would be fun to plant an apple seed so you can get apples whenever you're hungry. It was exciting to look at the pictures of the blossoms and the bees drinking nectar. The pictures look beautiful and kind of real to me. In kindergarten we planted seeds and the end of the book reminds me of that. It also reminds me of when I painted a picture of an apple in kindergarten.

I think my cousin and other little kids will like this book because it's fun to read and learn about apples.