1 Miss Nelson is Missing

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Miss Nelson is Missing

Written by James Marshall

Illustrated by James Marshall

Reviewed by Lissett F. (age 7) & Matthew M. (age 7)

Miss Nelson is Missing

This book is about a teacher named Miss. nelson. Her students in room 207 were always misbehaving. They would throw paper airplanes and spit spitballs on the ceiling. They were out of control. Miss Nelson decided to teach the kids a lesson. She dressed up in a black dress and pretended to be Miss. Viola Swamp. Miss. Swamp was so mean. She would call the students to attention by rapping a ruler on their desk. She gave the students a lot of homework and they didn't like her. The students decided to go see detective McSmogg, but detective McSmogg didn't help. They then went to Miss. Nelson's house, but they didn't find her. The strange thing was that they saw Miss. Swamp walking down Miss. Nelson's block. The students didn't know what else to do so they stopped looking for Miss. Nelson. Then one day Miss. Nelson came back to school and the kids behaved from that day on.

The thing that we liked about the book was that the class learned their lesson. Students have to learn how to behave in class or else they will just act crazy. Our favorite part was when the kids went to look for Miss. Nelson. They looked all over and they even started to imagine what might have happened to her. One kid said that maybe she was carried off by a swarm of angry butterflies. We also liked the drawings. They were funny because they shoed all of the funny faces that the kids would make in class.

We would recommend this book to all students so they could see that if they misbehave they might have to be taught a lesson.