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Written by Syd Hoff

Illustrated by Syd Hoff

Reviewed by Pavel R. (age 7)


This book is about a girl named Maya and a pig named Julius. Maya's granddaddy lived in Alaska. One day her granddaddy brought her a surprise in a big box. Maya hoped that it was a horse or an older brother, but it was a pig. It was a big pig in the box. She named the pig Julius. Maya's parents didn't think that Julius was a good pet, but they gave him a chance. Maya taught Julius manners and Maya's parents started to like Julius. In the end Maya's parents told her that she could keep Julius and Maya smiled.

What I enjoyed about this book was when Maya took Julius for a walk. Julius was wearing underwear when they went walking. I though that part was so funny. My favorite characters from the story were Maya and Julius. I like Maya and Julius because they are great friends when they are together. Julius teaches Maya silly things and Maya teaches Julius silly things. This book reminds me of when I help some of my friends at school by teaching them things that I know they need help with.

I would recommend this book to second graders because most second graders like to read books that have a happy ending. It also is nice to read a story that has characters that are little kids like Maya.