1 Mrs. Brown Went to Town

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Mrs. Brown Went to Town

Written by Wong Yee

Illustrated by Wong Yee

Reviewed by Christian Z. (age 7)

Mrs. Brown Went to Town

This book is a about a woman named Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown. was bitten by a dog and she had to go to the hospital. She wrote a note to her animals that were at her farm. The animals decided to move into Mrs. Brown's house while she was in the hospital. Her animals went crazy in her house. They did things that they wouldn't have done if she was home. They were wearing her clothes, they painted her house red,they ate all of her food,and they even slept in her bed. When Mrs. Brown came home she went to sleep in her bed too. The animals and Mrs. Brown were too heavy so the bed and everyone on it fell through the ceiling. The ambulance came and they all ended up in the hospital.

What we liked about this book was when the animals painted her house red. This was our favorite part because we know that something that like could never really happen, but it is nice to imagine it. Our favorite characters were the three pigs because they looked classic when they were wearing Mrs. Brown's dresses. We also liked the illustrations that were in the story. We liked them because they are silly and they made us luagh.

We would recommend this book to people living on farms so that they could read about what could happen if they leave their animals all alone at home.