1 Dragon Gets By

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Dragon Gets By

Written by Dav Pilkey

Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by Stephanie C. (age 7) & Michael M. (age 7)

Dragon Gets By

This book is about a dragon named Dragon. Dragon was hungry so he decides to go shopping. Dragon thought that he was a wise shopper. He also thought that he had bought foods from all of the different food groups. He bought so much food that it didn't fit in his car. Dragon decided to eat some of the food because it wouldn't fit in his car. Then he became fatter and fatter. He became so fat that he couldn't fit in his car. He had to push his car home. His car went faster and faster and faster and faster. Soon it crashed into a mailbox. All of the excitement had made Dragon hungry. In the end Dragon decided it was time to go shopping again.

What we liked about the story Dragon Gets By was the part when Dragon crashed into a mailbox. That part was so funny because it looked very painful. We like Dragon. He is hilarious because he crashes a lot and doesn't think before he does something. Our favorite scene was the when he crashed and there was a big bang. We couldn't believe that he didn't see that he was about to crash. We would have seen that the crash was about to happen and we would have stopped the car.

We would recommend this book to all students because it is funny and we think that kids need a good laugh. We think that second graders like us would enjoy it the most because second graders like funny books.