1 If You Take a Mouse To School

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If You Take a Mouse To School

Written by Laura Numeroff

Illustrated by Felicia Bond

Reviewed by Isabel I. (age 5)

If You Take a Mouse To School

In this book the mouse was going to school on a bus. He's sleeping and then he brushes his teeth. He goes to school and plays basketball. He learns about science and cleans. He gets a lot of papers. He wrote a book. He runs and runs and plays basketball and football. He plays with a skateboard and eats cookies.

I like it because the mouse is funny. He was messy when he woke up and had to wash his hair. When I wake up I'm messy too. My favorite part in the book is when the mouse is playing in the toys. It looked fun.

I felt happy because the mouse was like me. I would want other children to read this book because it is funny.