1 Bedhead

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Written by Margie Palatini

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Jason H. (age 8), Reyes L. (age 10) & Elias M. (age 9)


Oliver is having a bad hair day. He wanted to wear a hat but you can't wear a hat on school Picture Day. He wanted his hair to look great but it got crazier and crazier. His hair looked real bad. He screamed a lot. His hair started getting worse and worse and it looks weird. His parents tried everything they could but nothing would work. His hair looked like a "coughed-up hairball." On Picture Day, will Oliver's hair be good or bad? You need to read this funny book!

Jason H.: My brother and I had a bad hair day once. I actually had a zig-zag haircut. Everybody in my family including my dogs have had bad hair days too. So, Oliver's problem really reminds me of my family!

Reyes L.: My favorite part was when the female [Oliver's sister] got crazy and she and Oliver's dad sprayed the dad, the dog and the cat with hairspray. That was so crazy! This made the dog and cat get crazy too. Oliver even got crazier because imagine if you can not do anything with your hair on picture day. It is crazy because of what the family decided to do to Oliver. They put a hat on his head!

Elias M.: Everytime I wake up, my hair looks all crazy, and I really don't like it. I liked "Bedhead" because it reminded me about my hair like that. My favorite part was when the mom and dad tried to make Oliver's hair better but they just couldn't do it, no matter what they tried and they tried almost everything!

Jason H.: This book is SO funny! It is funny because Oliver looks just like a monster. Any person that has had a bad hair day should read this book. It is a good book because it seemed like things that were happening in the story were really happening in my head as I read the book. If you read this book it will remind you of your bad hair days too. I guarantee you will like it!

Elias M.: In this book, Oliver had a real bad hair day. It is such a funny book to read because his hair looked crazy and he kept on screaming and screaming. If you don't believe me, look at the cover of the book. Oliver's hair is all over the place! The pictures also make the book funny. Oliver always has a panicked look on his face. I think everyone would like to read this book. It would interest a lot of people because we all get bad hair days. Also, if I liked this book, so will you!

Reyes L.: Yes, I would recommend this book! "Bedhead" is a cool book. The family gets crazy! One real crazy part is when Oliver's mom, dad and sister are eating breakfast. His sister, Emily is feeding the dog her cheerios with a spoon. And, after Oliver screamed at the top of his lungs from the bathroom, dad's cereal came flying out of his spoon and mom's spoon went into the air. A reader who likes to read funny and crazy stories would probably like to read this book. I think you would have to be something like Oliver to like this book.