1 Bedhead

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Written by Margie Palatini

Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

Reviewed by Richard C. (age 8) & Daniel M. (age 8)


Do you know a family that does just about everything to fix their son's hair? Oliver has a bad hair day. Not even mom, dad or his sister, Emily, could do anything. They pinned, spritzed, rolled and brushed Oliver's hair but nothing changes. There is another problem: It's Picture Day! Will there be a solution to this mind-blasting dilemma? Read this funny book and find out!

Richard C.: My favorite part was when Oliver's dad sprayed himself with the spritz. It was very funny. I like it when people go crazy. That's exactly what happened to Oliver's family when they tried to fix his crazy hair. My favorite character was Oliver. I really liked him. I liked him because he was the one who made the story fantastic because of the funny expressions he made!

Daniel M.: I liked "Bedhead" because it was funny and it was a crazy story. The illustrations are crazy too because the illustrator used a lot of colors like pink, purple and green. He even painted a grey ship and put it in Oliver's sink. That looked real! Oliver's parents got out of control too because they looked crazy while they tried to fix his hair. I think that I might get a bad hair day too one day. It just might happen to me too!

Richard C.: I would recommend you read this book. I want you to read it because it's so hilarious that you will laugh and laugh! One real funny part was when dad sprayed himself. If you are a crazy reader, you will certainly like this book. It has crazy scenes like kids doing things such as speaking like a baby, having food fights and dropping water on friends.

Daniel M.: This book is full of surprises and kids like surprises! The biggest surprise was when Oliver woke up and went to the bathroom. He found out his hair was out of control. His hair looked like a cat's coughed up hairball. This part is so funny! I laughed and laughed. It has crazy pictures all the way through the book, like when Oliver brushed his teeth and got scared after seeing himself in the mirror. He had toothpaste all over his mouth and he dropped the toothbrush. You should read this book because you will love it.