1 Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood

Written by James Marshall

Reviewed by Isabella T (age 6)

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is about a girl that lives by the woods. One day she goes in the woods to go to Granny's house. When she goes in the woods she was sacred because she saw a large wolf. The wolf wanted to eat her. But she told the wolf she was going to Granny's. The wolf told her to pick some flowers for Granny and then the wolf ran away. He went to Granny's house. When he got to Granny's house he went in and ate her up. When Red Riding hood came he ate her too. Then a hunter came to the window and killed the wolf. He got Granny and Red Riding Hood out of the wolf's belly. They all lived happily ever after.

My favorite part of the story was when the hunter killed the wolf. I liked this part because the hunter saved Red Riding Hood and he was a hero. My favorite character was Red Riding Hood. I liked her because she was nice and polite. I am nice and polite too. I liked this book because I like to read Fairy Tales. I also liked it because I could read this book all by myself.

I would recommend this book to my friend Emma because she likes reading Fairy Tales. If you enjoy reading fairy tales you will like this book too. If you like reading about bad characters like the wolf then you will think this book is good.