1 Cinderella's Rat

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Cinderella's Rat

Written by Susan Meddaugh

Illustrated by Susan Meddaugh

Reviewed by Dyllon W (age 8)

Cinderella's Rat

This book is about two rats that were really hungry. They smelled some cheese and went to the cheese. They went into a trap. When they got out the Fairy Godmother turned the one rat into a coachman. The coachman took Cinderella to the ball. At the ball he found some food. A voice behind the coachman said,"you must be hungry." They talked a little bit and then they saw a rat. The boy wanted to kill it but the coachman told him it was his sister. So the boy wanted to take her to a wizard so they could turn her back into a beautiful girl. The wizard turned her into a girl but she barked like a dog.

I liked this book because the girl talked like a dog. She would scare away the cats from her brother the rat. My favorite part was when the rats got trapped. It was funny that they got caught by Cinderella and her Godmother. My favorite character was the rat who turned into a coachman. I liked him because he was always hungry and looking for food.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fairy tales. It is like Cinderella but is different because the main character is a rat. If you like rats you would like this book too.