1 The Kid Who Became President

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The Kid Who Became President

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Zach m. (age 10)

The Kid Who Became President

The Kid Who Became President, by Dan Gutman, makes you wonder what would happen if a kid became President.

Judson Moon, or the kid who became President, decided to run for President. He said that people should vote for him because he didn?t know how to ruin the economy or raise taxes.

All of the chapters are funny and at the same time cool. I enjoyed this book because some of the chapters are full of action. Also, some of the chapters really had your heart pounding. In one chapter, his bodyguard tried to teach him a ninja move and accidentally made him faint. In another chapter, someone tried to shoot him, but his bodyguard dove in front of him. give an example of "hearpounding" chapter or part?

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys humor with excitement and action.